Friday, January 1, 2010

Jake's year 2009 review

2009 didn't bring as many huge changes as 2008 did, however it was still a good year. As such, for your reading enjoyment I'm bringing you my highlights from 2009 presented in list form. Note that this list is not in particular order, it's just a smattering of memories from the year. Enjoy!

-Elli and I got to plan and host our first child's first birthday. It didn't go so well, as a 12 hour flu bug tore through our house the same day. We each got it in succession, and it was an action packed day, both for the good and for the bad.

-Daven started walking. Then he started running. He hasn't stopped.

-We got to experience the thrill of seeing our very good friends welcome their first child into the world. We then worried with them for little TW's first couple days as he dealt with pneumonia and did time in the NICU. He thankfully bounced back nicely!

-Another of our good friends announced they were expecting their first. March of this year is gonna be a busy time!

-My wife and I celebrated 10 years together (5 of those married). They have been some of the best year I've had so far.

-I snuck in a truck purchase just before the deadline. I like being behind the wheel of a tank.

-I read along with the Fat Cyclist Cycling Nation and suffered the loss of Fatty's wife with the rest of them. I then marveled with the rest of the nation as he single handedly declared war against cancer and with the help of many raised over $700,000 for the Livestrong foundation. Along the way, he ratcheted up my faith in humanity a few points.

-Along with the rest of the world, I was captivated by Susan Boyle.

-I had my best showing to date at the Horribly Hilly Hundreds. I also got another one of my friends hooked on it as well. It's been fun having someone else get as into biking as I have and motivate me to push myself farther in the sport.

-I learned a new level of patience dealing with a toddler son.

-I made the decision to try my luck and attempt to get into Med School. It will at least make for an interesting story.

-I watched Elli complete her first "Half Ironman" triathlon. It was fun being on the support side of things when it comes to Ultraendurance.

And so on. It was another good year, and I hope you had a good year as well. Thanks for reading, and I wish you the best in the New Year!!

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