Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ahhh Democracy...

Did you miss me?

There is no good excuse for my absence. True I have been sick for approximaetly 47 years now, but that wasn't the reason. I was just lazy. I had plenty of ideas, but again, I was just lazy. But the urge returned and we're gonna run with it.

Lets talk politics shall we? If you didn't involuntarily groan just now with that statement, something is wrong with you.

What happened to politicians? If the founding father's could see the circus that is Gov't now-a-days, they'd go back overseas to the King. Whenever election season comes around, it's all I can do not to punch a puppy. It's nothing but all the candidates saying how much the other candidates suck. If you follow the logic to the letter, than we shouldn't vote for anyone since everyone sucks.

Ever notice how it is exceedingly hard to find the views of the candidate? It's buried because you have something along the lines of 2,429 different websites for each candidate all claiming to be the official one. Even if you do find the official one, it so loaded with useless shallow info that all you get is whether or not the candidate supports some major thing. Nevermind why, apparently that isn't worth our time. And forget about smaller issues. They don't have time for those.

Whatever happened to actually campaigning? Going out there and expressing your views. Ignore the other candidates. Your voice should be that of how you play the game. But that's not how it is. Now we repeatedly here that this candidate supports big oil, this one gave himself a failing grade in office, this one wants to use kittens as an alternative fuel source. Enough I say. It's the age old saying: worry about yourself. I'm not saying knowing whether or not a candidate supports big oil isn't an important thing to know. I'm saying let us figure it out for ourselves. And how would be do that? By having you morons running for office use all that airtime for negative garbage politics and telling us about yourself. Forget about your rival, let your platform do the talking.

Seriously, if any candidate came along and didn't say one bad thing about the other candidates, didn't even so much as say their names, clearly stated their views and didn't give the other candidates the time of day, I would vote for them instantly. I wouldn't necessarily care about their stances because that's the type of person I want representing me.

Unless it's someone like that nutcase Michelle Bachmann. Seriously, what's wrong with you people over in the 6th?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Any minute now...

I saw at Cabela's a few weeks ago they were selling a giant duck call that was really a coat rack. I may have to try and sneak that purchase in some how.

Happy Duck Opener All!!!
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