Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Kidney Walk...

Some of you may remember that last year I helped raise money for the National Kidney Foundation's "Kidney Walk". And it's that time of year again so I once again come to you all via cyberspace with bag in hand looking for charity. If you feel compelled to donate, click the following link:

You may have to copy and paste the link into your address box and go from there. That should take you to my personal fundraising page. Click on "Make a Gift" underneath the thermometer. Follow the instructions and go from there.

The reason for me doing this is the same as it was before: My Mom's side of our family deals with Polycystic Kidney Disease. It is a genetic disease, and the only treatment for when it gets really bad is a transplant. There have been multiple transplants amongst my relatives, my Mom included. The money raised goes directly to the National Kidney Foundation and is used accordingly based on the needs. I thank you for your generosity!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It approaches...

I start getting antsy this time of year. When the temp starts going the right way (which is down. Want it hotter? Move to Florida Tiffany!) I start getting gitty. A few weeks ago it all kicked off for yours truly. The two month lightning strike that is my Ducks Unlimited magazine happened. But this was a special issue, for this is the one that we all get right before the season. It has the duck forecast for all the flyways, and I eagerly went to that article and saw what I suspected: Good numbers anticipated.

Course that means nothing since I don't always hunt ideal private land, but more ducks around means more likelyhood they'll scamper my way. But the magazine arrival is just the tip of the ice berg. There's decoys to check out and touch up as needed, the boat needs the same once over and possibly a touch up of it's paint as well. The gun needs checking, shells need a lookin', and items need a buyin'. I absolutely live for this time of year. Fall is upon us, and with the opening of the Grouse and archery season last weekend, it's finally, after 365 days of waiting, open season. And in just a shade over two weeks, the Duck Opener happens.

And Daven is helping. Today we were practicing and tuning my duck calls. Drove the neighbors and the dogs nuts no doubt, but he loved it and I had fun as well.

Let it all begin again! Happy Hunting All!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Day America stopped...

Let's not dwell on the terribleness of this day. Let's dwell on how many heroes were born. To those that made it out, we thank you. To those that did not, not only do we thank you but we also wish that you peacefully rest. It's not cheesy to raise a flag today, it's respectful.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just sit down, relax, and let the magic happen...

I've dreaded this time.

It was the one aspect of raising a child that I knew I would be bad at.

I knew I would have trouble with patience during this.

In case you haven't guessed or heard, we've started potty training Daven.

And truth be told, it's not going terrible. But we've also just started so we're not making a whole lot of headway because it's all pretty informal. Most of it revolves around every hour or so we ask if Dav want to use the potty. 9 times out of 10 he will agree to at least sit on it. It's then a crap shoot (no pun intended) as to whether anything happens.

But today we had a breakthrough. One of those moments that looking back as a parent you kind of shake your head and think "I really got THAT excited over this?" For the first time, Dav finally peed in the potty when it was just me around. I praised him to no end and gave him an extra fruit snack while we read our book at bedtime. It was another one of those things that just seemed so silly to react that way too, yet at the same time another memory that I'm sure to enjoy for many days to come.
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