Sunday, August 31, 2014

A promise to baby #3...

So we have a big day approaching. You are due to arrive officially on Sept. 11th, however Mama went early with both your older siblings so really any day you could show up.

For both your brother and sister I wrote one of my "Open Letters" to them. I wanted to try something a little different with you, but it really is going to end up being the same thing with just a different title.

It's the little things that stand out. Remember that.

Anyhow, being #3 is something neither your Mom or I can truly understand as we were both the oldest in our families. However it does seem that the youngest sometimes can, for lack of a better description, get lost in the shuffle. So with this writing, I'm making you a promise. And that promise is that you will not be "just the 3rd" one. All kids are special. Your brother Daven is special, your sister Hannah is special, and you will be special in your own way as well. Your life will not be all about hand me downs, although that duck hunting jacket I just bought your brother will be handed down to you. I mean seriously, let's be reasonable. Cabelas makes expensive stuff. So from an economic standpoint, yes, you will get hand me down clothes, hand me down hunting stuff, hand me down skiing stuff, and hand me down toys.

But don't worry. Stuff wears out over time and we may need to get you new stuff of the above out of necessity. Jackets develop holes, waders leak, ski stuff breaks, and toys get lost.

But with all the hand me downs I promise you will get new stuff as well. We won't do hand me down style parenting. As you grow, we will grow with you. We will adapt our parenting to your needs. What worked for your brother and sister will be our base, but if we need to change our approach, we will. You will experience new things right along with us, and we will marvel at that just as much as we did before, if not more. Because you are our new beginning. You're going to start a new chapter in our life, and we are positively most definitely absolutely ready to read that chapter. We will keep you grounded with rules and boundaries, however not smother you from developing into you.

You're the 3rd child entering the Taylor household, but you will be recognized as your own person. And if you truly need something to stand out with right off the bat, you will also be the last Taylor child brought into this household. Use that one when your sister or brother are bugging you, something like "well you two weren't working so they had me!" But you didn't hear that from me ;)

Show up whenever. Your Mom wants to sleep on her stomach again.


Your Dad
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