Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And now, your moment of zen...

A few quotes that Dav has said this past year:

"Go pick some food!"--He very sternly said this to Elli (while pointing towards the garden) when he wanted her to move so he could sit on the couch.

"I really like garbage trucks. Garbage trucks drink garbage cans."--I think he said this when we saw a garbage truck while out driving on the highway.

"I love buses, I love garbage trucks, I love tractors." To which I asked, "Well do you love Mommy and Daddy?" His response? "No."

"Garbage truck goes in the god-damn truck."--I was getting frusturated with him while trying to load up the truck to take him somewhere. He insisted on bringing one too many of his trucks and finally I got so frusturated I said the above. He then repeated it when we were leaving. I wasn't all that upset after that.

"We bought Daddy a bike watch."--I came home from work a few weeks ago and saw Erik's bike shop stickers on Dav's shirt. I pointed them out to Elli who had forgotten to take them off. I then jokingly asked him what he and Mama got me for Xmas. When he replied, both Elli and I were speechless. Elli didn't talk to him about the gift and he only briefly saw it in the store. Goes to show you they know more about what's going on around them then they let on.

"Hey Elli Johnson!! Hey Jacob Taylor!!" He yells this frequently now-a-days.

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