Monday, December 20, 2010

Seriously?!! How the F%ck are these two getting away with this?!!!!

I'm used to the world being unfair. We all should be. I'm also used to hearing stories in the news that really urk me. Most of the time I let them pass rather quickly and then don't give them a second thought. Because they don't affect me, because when it boils right down to it I don't care, whatever the reason I let it go.

And then I was introduced to Mark Hurlbert. And have since labeled him the biggest douchebag I have ever heard of. And I've met some awful people in my lifetime.

For those who do not know, this Hurlbert jerkoff is the DA out in the Eagle County Colorado area. He has a reputation of being crooked, yet somehow keeps his job. You'll see why I now hate this guy with a passion in a minute.

Back in July, a mercedes driven by Marty Erzinger struck a cyclist by the name of Dr. Stephen Milo. While the impact didn't kill him, it left him with serious injuries, ones that affect him to this day yet and will for possibly years to come. That would be a bad enough story as it is. However, rather than stopping, Erzinger continues driving off, claiming he didn't realize he hit anyone because he was suffering from some bogus medical condition (which has all been proven BS but again doesn't seem to matter). He drives 3 miles, and then calls a road side assistance service to see about getting his car towed because of the front end damage and he is concerned about driving it further. Eventually the story of how that damage occured comes out, and Erzinger is arrested.

And then this DA asshole shows his true colors. The following is a direct quote from dickless wonder when asked to explain why he wasn't charging Erzinger with felonies:

"Felony convictions have some pretty serious job implications for someone in Mr. Erzinger's profession"

Are you serious? This guy almost kills a person because he's a moron, but no felony charge. How is this possible? Furthermore, how does a court agree and move on with misdemeanor charges? This guy almost killed someone.

Still not convinced this Hurlbert is not slime? Consider this: Back in August after the Leadville Mountain bike race a story came out about how one of the female bikers said they were someone else (a friend of hers) so that she could get admission to the race when the actual person was unable to participate. The fake one ends up winning. Is this bad? Yes, but in the long run simply stripping them of the title and awarding to the 2nd place person would've been a justified punishment. Even a ban of some sort I could see. But Hurlbert think differently. He won't charge Erzinger with a felony for damn near killing someone, however he went after both of these ladies and got felony convictions against both of them. One was a teacher who lost her job because of the felony record she now has.

Both of these stories can easily be found online. Google "Leadville Mountain Bike felony convictions" and/or "Marty Erzinger hits cyclist".

I just don't understand how this can be acceptable, or this DA is still around. I guess the law doesn't protect us cyclist and really does favor the rich.

We are truly on our own out there, which is completely unfair.

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