Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It approaches...

I start getting antsy this time of year. When the temp starts going the right way (which is down. Want it hotter? Move to Florida Tiffany!) I start getting gitty. A few weeks ago it all kicked off for yours truly. The two month lightning strike that is my Ducks Unlimited magazine happened. But this was a special issue, for this is the one that we all get right before the season. It has the duck forecast for all the flyways, and I eagerly went to that article and saw what I suspected: Good numbers anticipated.

Course that means nothing since I don't always hunt ideal private land, but more ducks around means more likelyhood they'll scamper my way. But the magazine arrival is just the tip of the ice berg. There's decoys to check out and touch up as needed, the boat needs the same once over and possibly a touch up of it's paint as well. The gun needs checking, shells need a lookin', and items need a buyin'. I absolutely live for this time of year. Fall is upon us, and with the opening of the Grouse and archery season last weekend, it's finally, after 365 days of waiting, open season. And in just a shade over two weeks, the Duck Opener happens.

And Daven is helping. Today we were practicing and tuning my duck calls. Drove the neighbors and the dogs nuts no doubt, but he loved it and I had fun as well.

Let it all begin again! Happy Hunting All!!!

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