Monday, March 1, 2010

The Indignity of Car Window sticky thingys...

I was driving along a few weeks ago, and happened to notice that the car next to me had one of those old school stuffed animal cling things that you put up on your car window. Are they supposed to be decorative or annoying? Because I find them to be the latter, but I may be the only one. And isn't it illegal to have things hanging around obstructing your field of vision while driving? Next time I'm gonna do my civic duty and run them off the road and place them under citizen's arrest.


As I said, I was driving along, noticed said fellon driving illegally with clingy, and instantly noticed it was Yoda. Everyone knows Yoda. If you don't know Yoda, then you are either brain damaged, or you have been raised under a rock. I mean seriously, my wife instantly knows who Yoda is and she is about as clueless with pop culture as you can get. But it got me thinking. All these clingy things are always some well known character. This one happened to be Yoda. Others I have seen have included an array of Sesame Street characters, Garfield, Peanut characters, etc... And all of them have had the characters name written on them.

Seriously people. You look dumb enough with the thing stuck on your window, but you're even dumber looking having one that has some of the most recognizable entities in the entire world with a name tag on it.

Stop it. All of you.

P.S. Welcome to the world Oliver Heggem!!!

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