Monday, December 28, 2009

The Road to Nowhere...

Endurance cyclist are a crazy lot. Think about it: we wear spandex (some even wear it when they really shouldn't, we take all kinds), we eat pasta on end and love every minute of it (sarcasm), we go out in wind, heat, rain, and here in the midwest sometimes snow. We eat packets of slime and jelled blocks and call it food. We mix and test every kind of concoction we can think of to find something that we can drink when it is 1000 degrees out and not puke it all up. Our events last on average around 8 hours of saddle time. When you think about it, anyone who does all of that is somewhat nuts, i.e. crazy.

Training in the offseason takes it all up a notch.

Yesterday I purchased an indoor trainer. More specifically, a rear wheel spinner. What is this you ask? Basically it something you prop your back wheel into and your bike is held there and you climb on and start pedaling.

And go nowhere.

I experimented with one of these before to absolutely disasterous results. In fact, I didn't even climb on the thing because I couldn't get my bike secured to it properly. You get what you pay for. So this time, armed with gift cards and some Christmas cash, I marched on in and bought a very popular middle of the road model. After a few choice words last night, the bike was secured and ready to go.

So with my half day today, I came home and put on some bike shorts (which after a few months of holiday goodies aren't nearly as sexy on me as I remembered), grabbed the iPod and jumped on.

After about 10 minutes I was bored out of my mind. However, it was indeed a good workout. It should be beneficial in the long run since you can do interval training and various other workouts, but I will definaetly need to find something other than music to entertain me as I pedal the road to nowhere. That, and I need to gain more confidence that I am not gonna detatch from the thing and go blazing 20mph into our new dryer.

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  1. Chad and I could come point and laugh at you while you petal, that would be entertaining. Oh wait, that would be entertaining for us. Good luck with your training!


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