Monday, November 30, 2009

One more down...many many more to go.

Tomorrow marks the end of yet another MN duck season.

Excuse me while I go weep softly in the corner.

However, while out hunting this past season, I contemplated what it will be like in the future when Daven hopefully wants to join me. I anxiously look forward to showing him how to throw out decoys without getting the line and weight wrapped up with the decoy. I look forward to showing him how to hold a shotgun safely in the blind, shoulder it smoothly while preparing to shoot, and fully following through after the shot. I look forward to teaching him to blow a duck call, and hopefully he'll learn to do the feeding call better than me and show ME what I'm doing wrong in that department.

So while the season closes this year and I'm heartbroken at not being able to spend any more cold mornings in a swamp for a while, I take comfort in the fact that we are one season closer to having my boy in the mix with me.

And I think it'll happen. A few months ago while at Fleet Farm, he desperatley wanted a kids hat off the shelf that was camoflauged and had the Ducks Unlimited logo on it. He normally didn't wear hats for more than a few seconds, but that day, he put the hat on and didn't take it off. I marched around proudly for a few more aisles, he still had it on, so I bought it for him.

Sorry Mama. It looks like you'll have at least 2 duck fanatics in your house in the coming years.

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